Published by Lelio Udinesi On July 26, 2018

Simple Ways To Improve Your Warehouse’s Efficiency.

If you are planning to improve your warehouse operations first of all try to maximize and optimize the space available. Rather than trying to increase the size of your ware house you can add taller storage units to store the merchandise and boxes, use the right equipment to pick and store material in the same square foot storage rather than adding expansion costs. Consider about the type and the variety of the shelves used to store items. For instance, by storing small items on the pallet racks could waste a lot of space and makes it easy to misplace items. Therefore, have different sizes of racks and shelves to store items according to their respective sizes. In addition, have standardized bins to keep the shelves neat and orderly. Moreover, organize work stations to improve productivity. You can use the ‘5S’ method from lean manufacturing to make sure that your workstations are well organized.

Managing the warehouse employees

When hiring employees, look for the potential workers who can conduct themselves professionally and are skilled enough for the position. Once you hire the new employees they have to be trained. Show them around the warehouse and introduce them to the other supervisors with whom they will have to work. Encourage the workers by reviewing their performances and praising whenever necessary. Discuss which ways your employees can improve and address any bad behavior or weaknesses and let them know how they can improve. Make sure that your employees are aware of all the necessary warehousing Melbourne processes by providing them with adequate training.

Improving the warehouse processes

With the new changes, warehouses are not only there for the storage of goods their functions are now much more advanced. Modern warehousing techniques have changed the way in which they receive goods, inventory management and even the packaging and the shipping processes. You can improve these processes with 3pl providers. They will plan all the processes and will ensure that you stay ahead of competition and that the implementation is done in such a manner to suit your operations to achieve the best results for your business. They can provide you with effective inventory planning and management, right information at the right time with right technology, advanced picking processes and other value enhancement activities. Visit for order fulfilment in Sydney.

Review delivery and pick-up operations

It is also important that you have track of your goods until they are delivered to their destinations. Coordinate loading and unloading of packages by trying to schedule the arrival and departure of trucks. Organize the receiving process and track your shipment so that you can let your customers know when and where they will receive their orders.

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