Published by Lelio Udinesi On December 13, 2018

How Recent Water Ingress Reports Have Shown Factors That Cause Structural Damages:

People have conducted surveys of many structural damages to buildings. With advancing technology it has become increasing easier to tackle problems that cause buildings to weaken over time. People often neglect one recurring factor that leads towards building damage and its none other than water ingress. According to recent water ingress reports it turns out that majority of these damages are caused by looking over minor water related problems. 

Water ingress can cause decay of building materials, causing building defects in a structure. The most recent water ingress reports in Sydney suggests that small problems like internal water leakages, faulty or defective plumbing, bad structural rain drains, bad roofing and such can cause water ingress. The water build up inside the walls then slowly weakens the building causing defects that can later on cost a lot of funds for repair and maintenance. 

Let us see what does water ingress cause to the buildings and what costs does it leave in its wake: 

Identifying cause of water ingress: 

Water ingress can occur due to multiple causes and identifying the problem can be costly. Finding the source can be tricky, people often have to tear down their walls to check internal plumbings. For this purpose hiring a professional would be suitable as they can differentiate between different causes. They can also provide solutions to the problems rather easily. This can be very cost and time efficient. 

Cracking paint and plaster can leave the walls unappealing: 

People often notice huge spots of dampness on the wall, this is water ingress. Build up of water that ruins the paint job and plaster in its wake to the structure as the water is trying to find an exit after the materials can no longer absorb any of it. To fix this you must find the cause of this water build up or dampening of the wall. After the fixing, the wall will needs to be plastered and painted and often that leaves the wall looking dissimilar. 

Change of water lines and plumbing: 

Usually a water ingress is due to lines that have busted or broken due to various reasons. Usually the steel pipes used in the plumbing of the old buildings rust off after their stainless steel coating wears off over time. While another reason for the breaking of pipes is due to the drastic weather conditions. People living in cold areas often experience leakage as the cold contracts the material while hot expands it. People who use water heating systems for warm baths exercise the pipes to the extent that they start to leak. 

Uneven roofs causing water to store after rain: 

Roofs are often built tilted so water does not store on it after a rain, often however after heavy showers and lack of sunlight to evaporate it, water seeps into the walls. This can cause water ingress and according to water ingress reports is one of the major causes. Water ingress reports suggest that there are numerable causes for dampening and build up of water. Hydromedial Consulting Group is one of the best service providers who give authentic, easy and cost efficient solutions to your water ingress problems. Hiring a professional like them can ensure that the cause of the water build up in walls can be identified and fixed without causing structural damage. For more information, please log on to

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